Mentoring Programs: Basic Internal Metrics

Keeping record of the basic internal metrics for a mentoring program is an important part of tracking the progress of a program.  These basic metrics help a mentoring program to identify which mentoring best practices are being done well and what adjustments may need to be made so that the program becomes more effective.  Let’sContinue reading “Mentoring Programs: Basic Internal Metrics”

The Power of a Dream

Dreams are powerful. They drive great people to do great things. A dream led Martin Luther King Jr. to the White House lawn many years ago – a dream of equality and brotherhood between races in our nation. Dreams inspire. Whether it’s William Wallace’s cry of “freedom,” Kennedy’s push toward the moon, or a 1980’sContinue reading “The Power of a Dream”

Pandemic Pack to the Rescue!

Something our society has seen as a result of this pandemic is a burst of flexibility and creativity in the ways people find to stay connected. The mentoring team at City Gospel Mission in Cincinnati is a great example. From a brainstorming session about how to connect with and bless mentors and mentees, the “PandemicContinue reading “Pandemic Pack to the Rescue!”

When Mary Met Sally

Life in eastern Kentucky is not easy for most of the residents. Unemployment from the loss of coal jobs followed by an overwhelming dependence on government assistance has left a poverty of spirit more devastating than the financial fallout. Even in this difficult environment, Sally’s* life has more challenges than most kids will ever experience.Continue reading “When Mary Met Sally”

Old Church, New Vitality

CAYM would like to start sharing stories of mentoring program successes. Please enjoy these stories and join us in continuing to pray for these programs. God is using mentoring in powerful ways across our country! Pratt, Kansas, would seem like a bucolic setting in the center of our country’s breadbasket. But like many similar communities,Continue reading “Old Church, New Vitality”

First Love-A Simple Reminder

I love The Princess Bride. It’s just a great movie where good prevails over evil and true love wins in the end! Wesley, the commoner, wins over the heart of the princess with his startling capacity to persevere every obstacle placed in front of him. How about you? Are you also a believer in trueContinue reading “First Love-A Simple Reminder”

Continuing the Work of Mentoring

The pandemic has not stopped communities from preparing to start new mentoring programs. Since many of us are spending more time at home, it’s a great time to build a team so that they are ready to make mentoring matches either through virtual means now or in one-to-one settings when this current crisis subsides. TakeContinue reading “Continuing the Work of Mentoring”

Seeing God at Work in Your Mentoring Ministry

Would you like a simple way that you and your mentoring team can see God at work in your mentoring program?  Just as we know what is close to a friend’s heart by spending time with him or her, we can know God’s heart and where He is moving by spending time with Him. InContinue reading “Seeing God at Work in Your Mentoring Ministry”

Mentoring and Human Value

This post attempts to investigate the Biblical support for mentoring as it pertains to human value. The Bible teaches in the creation story that all humans are created by God both with intrinsic value as well as positional value. Genesis 1:26 teaches:  “Then God said, “Let us make human beings in our image, to beContinue reading “Mentoring and Human Value”