The mentoring impact

When Mary met Sally

Life in eastern Kentucky is not easy for most of the residents. Unemployment from the loss of coal jobs followed by an overwhelming dependence on government assistance has left a poverty of spirit more devastating than the financial fallout.

Even in this difficult environment, Sally’s* life has more challenges than most kids will ever experience. Her family has to be “always ready to leave” either for fear of being arrested or because of violence associated with their drug trade. Sally’s mom takes her on drug deals because she feels it will hep her avoid arrest.

Sally is often homeless having to surf from couch to couch in other people’s houses. Despite the fact that according to the principal, Sally is the smartest girl in the school, her education suffered along with her ability to cope with life.

Then in second grade, Sally was matched with Mary. Sally thrived under Mary’s care. On days when they would meet during lunch, the teachers saw a remarkable difference in how she behaved. She even walked taller on those days. Two years later, Sally is excelling in school despite the fact that her home life hasn’t changed. Mary shares the hope they have in Jesus and is trying to get her involved in her church.
Please pray for this match. Mary is facing family health challenges that will limit her contact with Sally for a while.
*Mentor and mentee names in this newsletter were changed to protect their privacy

Does mentoring really work?

Yes – and no. Mentoring can have a profound impact on both the mentee and mentor. Natural mentors are part of the fabric of humanity. Kids who lack mentors need someone to come alongside. When that is done well, it can change lives. When done poorly, it harms. Well run mentoring programs follow evidence-based practices that ensure that the mentoring is safe and effective. If you are interested in learning more, go to or email us We can help you in your goal of bringing hope to vulnerable kids.

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