Too Young to be Without Hope

Please enjoy this success story from one ministry CAYM helped train. A four-year-old boy was about to get kicked out of preschool. Without parents in his life, Chris was out of control. The school was running out of options. Then a teacher suggested mentoring through the Appalachia Mentoring Project. For four straight weeks, Ken showedContinue reading “Too Young to be Without Hope”

Compassion Cleans a Community

We see over and over how mentoring relationships can impact communities! Please enjoy this success story from one ministry CAYM helped train. Shepherd Christian Community sits in the middle of the poorest area of Indianapolis, a city where the poverty rate has nearly doubled since 2000. This Nazarene church has a congregation made up mostlyContinue reading “Compassion Cleans a Community”

Becoming a Nickel is Priceless

Sometimes mentoring leads down unexpected paths! We would like to share the following story from a family who experienced long-lasting impact from what began as a mentoring relationship. This is the story of Jimi Nickel and her family. “I started working at Youth Horizons in the fall of 2006 after my husband Phil and IContinue reading “Becoming a Nickel is Priceless”

It’s All About Relationships

“Youth are leaving our churches, and we don’t know what to do about it.” These words are too often spoken by pastors who faithfully minister in churches across this nation. “How do we stay relevant to our culture when the culture constantly changes?” is usually the next question. While Christianity Today has done a goodContinue reading “It’s All About Relationships”

Mentoring Programs: Basic Internal Metrics

Keeping record of the basic internal metrics for a mentoring program is an important part of tracking the progress of a program.  These basic metrics help a mentoring program to identify which mentoring best practices are being done well and what adjustments may need to be made so that the program becomes more effective.  Let’sContinue reading “Mentoring Programs: Basic Internal Metrics”

The Power of a Dream

Dreams are powerful. They drive great people to do great things. A dream led Martin Luther King Jr. to the White House lawn many years ago – a dream of equality and brotherhood between races in our nation. Dreams inspire. Whether it’s William Wallace’s cry of “freedom,” Kennedy’s push toward the moon, or a 1980’sContinue reading “The Power of a Dream”