Changing Families

Island Christian Church in New York knew they needed mentors for youth of single moms who attended their church. It’s hard enough to keep kids faithful to the Lord under the best of circumstances, but moms raising children on their own face enormous challenges.

Raymond’s parent divorced when he was too young to understand what was happening to his family. While his mother regularly attended church, his dad couldn’t be bothered. Soon after the divorce, this father also became disinterested in his son. That’s when Steve became Ray’s mentor. They quickly bonded as this young man saw the sincerity and faithfulness of a Christian man who gave his time to a boy he hardly knew. Ray’s life began to change, and his mother’s burden was lifted.

But a weight was put on his father’s heart. Who was this man befriending his son? Whether it was guilt, jealousy, or a renewed passion of fatherhood, Ray’s dad started to show interest in him. As father and son were reunited, mom and dad were as well. Through counseling at the church, this formerly-disconnected father become connected to Christ, and the couple retied the knot of marriage. Ray had a reunited family with a foundation based on our savior. It took a church, visionary mentoring leaders, and a faithful mentor to bring hope back to a family.

Island Christian Church attended CAYM’s training in 2013

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